Hexagonal Bolt, Flare Head Bolt, Perforated Adjustment Bolt, Oval Head Bolt, Imbus Bolt, Cement Mill Bolt...


Hexagonal Bearing Pipe Nut, Hole Counter Nut, Fiber Nut, Keyway Nut, Square Nut, Blind Nut, Reinforced Nut, Round Nut...


Double Sided Sprocket, Transmission Transfer Sprocket, Sprocket...

Composite Materials

Pear Housing, Drip Guard, Split Conical Housing, Two Transfer Housing, Chain Housing, Taillight Housing, Half Gear Housing...


Concrete Pipe Clamp, Square U Bolt, Inverted U Bolt, Sheet Clamp, Concrete Stand Pipe Clamp...


Serrated pin, T pin

Who Are We

Our company operates in the field of fasteners, with our experienced and strengthening service staff, in our new location; works with leading companies in our country in the fields of activity, including cement, machinery, construction, energy. We continue to work with you in the supply of needs, on time, in accordance with international norms and in line with the principles of quality, reasonableness and goodwill.
Products such as anchor, u bolt, imbus, hexagon, lining plate, raw mill, df outlet plate bolts are our main productions. rubbing, turning, broaching, cnc turning and material cutting works are done.


Our products used in agriculture, construction, energy, cement, concrete, shipbuilding and many sectors...

Why Kare Cıvata?

We are a company that aims to provide you with the best service and wants to grow every day with a team of 21 people, including 7 administrative personnel and 13 production personnel, who are experts in their fields.We aim for quality production with high technology benches, machinery and equipment. Thanks to quality control, we provide high customer satisfaction.

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35Years Experience

  • Quality Product

  • Affordable Cost

  • Practical Solution

  • Special Production

Our certificates

ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, ISO 1002:2014, ISO TS16949:2016, ISO 9001:2015,

Kare Cıvata, which we have been working with for many years, produces for us with the right deadline without sacrificing quality. We aim to work together for many more years with Square Bolt, which works seamlessly with us in our special production requests.


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